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In our role of producing custom equipment we need to house, mount and legend the units. To achieve this we have our own prototyping facilities. We can use these to produce complete custom panels.

We can cut, punch, drill, fold and engrave various materials.

We can produce special panels and enclosures to your requirements in various finishes.

We will deliver a finished, engraved, fully populated and assembled panel from your description, sketch or formal drawing. We give you the convenience of a "one stop shop".

Aluminium alloy is the preferred medium but we also work in brass, stainless steel and plastics. The range of processes we offer with plastics depends on nature of the plastic. For example, we can

The engraving machine can also be used to make cut-outs in plastics that can't be punched, or in places that can't be offered up to a punch, for example small diecast sections.

A typical application for this service is for companies that supply and install AV Systems.

We can produce ergonomic and aesthetic panels that can be installed with the minimum of site work.

Our own site experience allows us to save you time and protect you from common pitfalls. For instance,

  • We provide isolated video and audio grounding, so avoiding earth loop problems.
  • We provide generous clamping arrangements to secure cables to the panel, so avoiding strain on any delicate connections
  • We can fit PCBs to provide screw terminal or crimp coax connections to miniature solder termination connectors, so avoiding the difficulty of on-site soldering.


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Example AV applications are:
  • Custom Panels for racks
  • Custom wall plates for the auditorium or for the presenter's rostrum
  • ustom floor plates (these can be waved to allow closed lid operation in minimum depth)
  • I/O or Patch panels in projection rooms, etc, etc.

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